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Capsicum baccatum
CHILLI-BISHOPS CROWN originated in Pure and Bolivia but often said to come from Barbados, it can grow to 2 meters in height with distinctive triple wings on the fruit that join to form a round end. Some say mild than Jalapenos, others say hotter, it has a medium sweet paprika taste, 5000 to 30000 SHU’s that will vary depending on planting conditions, but good for salads, salsa, & chilli powder when dried.
Likes warm humid climate, average temp between 28﮿C to 32﮿C. Can be grown inside over winter and planted out when temperatures are warm enough after the last frost. Will survive winter if protected. Are hotter the more mature they grow as they change from green to reddish orange.
As it matures feed every 2 weeks with a good soluble fertiliser or make your own banana skin liquid, and water regularly. Tolerates poor soils and grows in most climates.
pH: 7 – 8.5 – Tender Perennial / Annual