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About Us

ABSeeds is an Australian owned business trading under the umbrella of Direct Compost Solutions which is owned and managed by Victoria Brun.

We as a company endeavor to provide to the public, Organic, Old Fashioned, Heritage, and Open-pollinated seeds that have not been genetically modified.

We purchased the business in November 2018 and renamed it to ABSeeds (All ‘Bout Seeds)  to make the title shorter and represent what we hope to achieve with this business in the years ahead.

Seeds that we can’t grow ourselves we will acquire from people who grow for us, or we may purchase seeds from reputable heritage seed companies.

It is a time-consuming process packing and labeling seeds so it is essentially a labor of love but it compliments the other business of composting and propagating.
The packets have been re-designed to fit the overall look and feel of the business.
We will endeavor to bring you as much information as we can on how to grow seeds from our seed selection in warm and cool climates from here in Queensland and throughout Australia.
This will take time to put together as there are over 300 seeds in our selection.

Besides selling online we often attend garden shows and other events where we show and sell our seeds. Though how often we attend fairs now is greatly reduced and sporadic due to changing circumstances since covid.

At the bottom of each page, you will find articles as they become available or you can subscribe to receive them via email.

If you would like to book a visit to your garden club, school or community project just call or fill in a contact request form
Alternately you can follow us on Facebook by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. Though at present I have little time to update facebook and instagram.  Hopefully this will change as I finish writing up all the growing info on each seed.

We hope you enjoy our seeds as much as we love bringing them to you and we encourage your feedback for all our customers to all learn ways to grow and save seeds.
Just send us an email or photo and/or a story that we can share on social media.  This way everyone learns.

We look forward to your continued support and hope we meet one day at the fairs.

Victoria Brun

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