Shipping and Delivery



Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping & Delivery options for ABSEEDS are mainly with Australia Post.

For any garden products, you will be directed to our other site – Direct Compost Solutions – which uses a courier service because the postage for these items is different and cannot be calculated in the cost of your seeds.

Seeds are charged per every 5 packets as this is roughly the minimum we can fit safely in one envelope and to save you money on postage costs.  Postage costs will change according to Australia Post charges which change from time to time.

On the Direct Compost Solutions website, you can add seeds into an order of garden products from within that site.  If for whatever reason you get overcharged on the postage we will call and offer you a refund or some replacement stock in the way of garden products or seeds.

You can check the cost of any product to your area by going to check out and entering your postcode in the required field when prompted.  If you are not satisfied with the postage costs cancel that order and try again with a different order.  If still not satisfied please call us (0467 006 529 or 07 3358 3716) and see if we can get you a better rate through Australia Post.

Sometimes Australia Post can be cheaper to remote areas compared with the couriers.

If you are happy with the postage costs then proceed with your order to the payment options.  It is up to you who you choose as your preferred courier (and delivery options),  or Australia Post.

Don’t be put off by the post costs- call us and see if we can get you a better deal.