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Shipping & Delivery options for ABSEEDS are mainly with Australia Post.

For any garden products, you will be directed to our other site – Direct Compost Solutions – and you should be able to add any of those products to your order and the post should calculate accordingly.Click on the link in the top right corner of the page to be directed to Direct Compost Solutions site. From here you can add worms, garden supplements or ECO-EZE Compot Compoters to your order of seeds.

Postage costs have recently be increased by Australia Post as of 1st April 2024. Our prices have been increased as a result of this.
Postage costs will change according to Australia Post charges, which change from time to time.

Seeds are charged per every 5 packets at $3.40 and $6.40 for 10 packets, Anything over 10 packets automatically gets tracked for $6.90 and for any orders of 1 to 15 packets of seeds.
You can choose the tracking option on checkout for any number of seeds. Once you hit 16 packets of seeds you automatically receive a padded bag that is tracked at a cost of $11.60 for 15 to 50 packets of seeds. If you order over 50 seeds you will be charged a padded bag tracked at $18.90 or the cost of a courier if cheaper.
Anything up to 100 packets or over is probably cheaper to post with a courier. The easiest way to do this is to place your order and choose the EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) option. Then call us so we can work out the cheapest postage option. We then send you an invoice with payments options of Pay Pal, Credit Card, Or EFT transfer.

Seed orders are almost always posted with Australia Post unless you have an unusually large order and we might find sending it by courier is cheaper. If you overpaid on post because we found you a better deal we always refund the difference or you can choose to have more seeds added in lieu of a refund.

On the Direct Compost Solutions website, you can add seeds into an order of garden products or the ECO-EZE Compot Composter simply by clicking on one of the links to the ABSeeds site. If for some reason you get overcharged on the postage we will call and offer you a refund or some replacement stock in the way of garden products or seeds. The choice is yours.  The link to ABSeeds site is found in the Categories List on the left of the page or the top right hand corner there is another link to the seed site. You can order from the Direct Compost Solutions site then go to the seed site and order seeds. All items will be calculated for post in one order.

You can check the cost of any garden or compost product (other than seeds) to your area by going to check out and entering your postcode in the required field when prompted.  If you are not satisfied with the postage costs cancel that order and try again with a different order.  If still not satisfied please call us (0467 006 529 or 07 3358 3716) and see if we can get you a better rate through Australia Post – for DCS products. However the updated website will offer you four of the cheapest postage rates including Australia Post if their postage rate is one of the four cheapest.

Sometimes Australia Post can be cheaper to remote areas compared with the couriers for items other than seeds.

Occasionaly I have issues with the couriers not collecting your order in a reasonable amount of time. So I may chanage your prefered courier to one that I know is promptly picking up your order. Any difference incured will be covered by me unless it is excessive in which case I will notify you to discuss alternate options.

If you are happy with the postage costs (on the DCS site) then proceed with your order to the payment options.  It is up to you who you choose as your preferred courier (and delivery options),  or Australia Post. The Courier Services do not post to a PO Box number. You will have to choose Australia Post if wanting your order delivered to a PO Box number. If you have no where for a parcel to be left at your premises you can choose the “SIGN” option from the courier services where they will call you to deliver your parcel so it is not left at your premises unattended.

Don’t be put off by the post costs. If the post seems excessive – call us for a custom quote. I am sure I can get you a better deal. Ph: 0467 006 529 – Regards, Vicki Brun

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