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Category Colour Guide

Category Colour Guide explains what the coloured borders around the seeds mean.


Chillies – A red border means the seed is a Chilli seed and comes in a Red Packet. We mark some chili seeds with a pink border to indicate that they are Asian chili seeds

The Government has changed the rules for imported seeds. All imported seeds require treatment before entering Australia. Red packets will also hold treated seeds. The border around the seed on the website is a coloured border with an inner border of white and red.  See treated category below



Asian – A pink border means the seed is an Asian seed variety and comes in a Pink packet. Some Asian seeds might also be marked with a Blue Border indicating they are a grain or climber.

The Asian Category shows all Asian seeds we stock unless including seeds that fall into a grain or climber category.


Fruit – An orange border means the seed is either a fruit, or a fruit tree seed. And comes in a Silver packet as we can’t get orange.

The Fruit Category shows all fruit and fruit tree seeds we stock.


Flowers – A yellow border means the seed is a flower seed. And comes in a Gold packet as we can’t get yellow packets. Though Good Bug Mix comes in a Special Sparkly Silver Packet.

The Flower Category shows all flower seeds we stock.


Vegetables – A green border means the seed is a vegetable and comes in a Green packet. We will pack some vegetable seeds, such as those specifically for Asian, Grains, or Climbers, in their respective colors. You can still find them in the vegetable category.

The Vegetable Category shows all vegetable seeds we stock. Including those listed in other categories.


Grains & Climbers – A blue border means the seed is either a grain or a climber. And they come in a Blue packet. These seeds will be listed under other categories as well but they will be marked with the blue border.

The Grains and Climber Category shows all grains or climbing seeds we stock.


Herbs – A purple border means the seed is a herb and comes in a Purple packet. Some herb seeds are also grains or green manure seeds. They will be listed in those categories with their respective colour.

The Herb Category shows all herb seeds we stock.


Other – A black border means the seed or product is better listed in this “other” category. Thus, things like Green Manure Seeds are in this category. Also other odd things like Propagation Powder. As time goes by items that perhaps may not be seeds may end up in this category. These seeds come in Black packets.

The Other Category shows all odd seeds and items that we stock.


Sale Items – A coloured border with an inner white and turquoise border means the seed is on sale. These seeds are mostly last seasons seeds that we want to sell or we have fresh seeds to replace them. So the older stock then goes on sale. They come in the packet of their respective colour. I now have QR codes on the packets. All sale seeds (in new packets) will have a black dot on the packet. 

The Sales Category shows all the seeds on sale. And you may see two categories of the same seed. One showing Sale Seeds, the other showing the regular seed which is most likely New Seeds.

Sale seeds may be end of season stock or over stocked items.


Treated Seeds – A coloured border with an inner border of white and red means this seed comes from overseas. The law mandates that any seeds imported from overseas into Australia must undergo treatment. Some suppliers will be growing these seeds in the future. Eventually they can once again supply untreated seeds grown in Australia. This will take time of course.

Treated seeds do not affect your crops or harm insects such as bees. However many varying opinions exist on this contentious issue.

Treated seeds come in Red Packets to easily distinguish them from regular seeds. Except for chilli seeds, which also come in Red Packets


Garden Supplements – This category links you to the Direct Compost Solutions website. Here you can order garden supplements or explore the eco-eze compot composter.

You should be able to order Compots with seeds without incurring any extra or excess postage charges. If the postage system miscalculates your order and overcharges you, we always refund the difference. Or you can swap the refund for product – the choice is yours. If you are not sure about the post please email us or call us for clarification. This way we can work it out for you and give you accurate postage charges or a discount.

You can now order seeds and Compots in the one order by following the link to either Seeds or Compots.  Call me if this feature does not work for you.

Postage Charges

Seeds are charge at $3.40 for every 5 packets of seeds up to 10 seed packets. Your seeds are packed with foam to ensure their protection during postage.

Recently we changed the postage options. Postage automatically charges for tracked post of $6.90 for orders over 10 packets and up to 15 packets.
Or you can also choose to have your order tracked by ticking the “tracking” option in the check out page if your order is under 10 packets.

After 15 packets, tracked post goes up to $11.60 for a padded Australia Post Bag. This option is for up to 50 packets of seeds.
To me it is not worth paying for tracking for a small number of seeds. Though it is up to you to make a choice that suits you. So far, all undeliverable or incorrectly addressed orders have been returned to us. If you are unsure about postage to your area I recommend you choose the tracking option. But the choice is yours.

Be aware that we cannot refund seeds lost in the mail, so please choose a shipping option that you are happy with.   Australia Post has not lost any tracked orders to date.

After 50 packets postage automatically charges $19.60 for tracked post in a padded Australia Post Parcel Bag

If you order 50 packets or more, we charge you $19.60 for tracked post. Depending on the size of the order we may use a courier service with a better postage rate.   We will refund you for any excess postage you have paid.  Or you may prefer seeds or product in lieu of a refund. The choice is yours.

If you have any issues with an order or postage questions please email or call us – (07) 3358 3716. Mobile 0467 006 529. We are here to help as best we can. – Vicki

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