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Carota Sativa
CARROT-NANTES has a fine-grained bright orange color & nearly coreless. Great flavor, sweet & crunchy. Excellent for freezing and juicing. Easy to grow & full of vitamins. Nantes carrots are named after the city of Nantes, the largest & most important city in Brittany. This cylindrical cultivar was developed sometime in the late 1800s & is quite popular in Europe because it’s sweeter & tastier than regular carrots, the slim, tubular, orange roots are 17cm long, 4 cm thick. It’s been proven tops for yield, delicious flavor & wide adaptability.  Has very think skin so does not need peeling. Just scrubbing.  Today there are more than a half-dozen varieties of carrots that specifically bear the Nantes name, but more generally Nantes has come to represent a quite large class of medium-sized cylindrical carrots rounded at both the top and tip.  Stores well.  Keep moist but NOT wet.

Season of InterestSpring
Temperature Range (°C)23 Day, 12 Night
Annual / Perennial / BiennialPerennial grown as Annual
Full Sun / Part Sun / ShadeFull Sun
Sow Direct / Raise SeedlingsSow Direct
SoilLoose well drained sandy loam
pH5 – 7.5
Soil Temperature (°C)4 -18
Seed PreparationSoak Seeds
Harvest Time (Days)70 - 120 Late Summer
Plant Height (cm)20 - 30
Frost Hardy / TenderHalf Hardy
Sowing Depth (mm)4 - 6
Plant Spacing (cm)3 - 8
Row spacing (cm)25 - 30
WateringHeavy water once a week
Germination Time (Days)10 - 21
Good Companion PlantsChives, Leeks, Legumes, Onions, Tomatoes, Nasturtiums, Radishes, Rosemary, Parsley, Mint and Sage.
Bad Companion PlantsTomatoes. Corn, Squash, Parsnips, Dill, Melon and Fennel