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Cucurbita pepo
ZUCCHINI-COCOZELLA is an Italian heirloom bush variety (Summer Squash) from around 1885, grows fast and prolific, creating a fine flavoured vegetable similar to the Italian Striped Zucchini with a dark green and pale green striped body. Its firm flesh and excellent flavour make it good for steaming, frying, baking and slicing in a salad. Pick when roughly 15cm long before the flower falls off. Plant in full or part sun and keep aerated to prevent mildew. Pick regularly to encourage more fruiting. Succession plant every two to four weeks for continual harvest but allow time to mature before the first frost.

Sow direct in well-drained, well-watered soil after last frost 21-35°C, or indoors 5 weeks before replanting. 20mm deep, 50 to 100cm apart. Germinates in 7 to 14 days matures around 40 to 60 days

Plant depth: 20mm

Plant spacing 100cm

Germination: 7 to 14 days

Maturity: 40 to 60 days

pH: 6-7.5 – Tender Annual

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