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Asparagus Officinalis
ASPARAGUS-MARY WASHINGTON is a perennial from the Mediterranean area popularised in the 1940’s in Australia.  Has long straight spears and purple/green tight tips.  Excellent flavour either raw or cooked it grows to about 150cm.  Rust resistant plant needs a cold winter to thrive. Prefers full sun, well drained sandy soils but can be planted in heavily prepared clay soil (double dig) with added slow release phosphorous potassium fertiliser. Seeds can be started indoors with three or four seeds together at a depth of 5 mm.  RE-pot as they grow to allow space for the root ball.  Plant out in winter or early spring in furrows 20 cm deep and 45 cm apart on mounded up soil.  Splay roots over the mound at a 45-degree and cover to roughly 7cm depth.  Soil temp should be 10 °c.

Seeds can take three to four years to establish before you can harvest.  Water well ever two weeks till well established.  After first winter frost trim back dead foliage, mix in good compost and cover with hay.

pH: 6.5 – 7 – Hardy Perennial / Annual

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