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Diatomaceous Earth
DE-PROPAGATION POWDER or Diatomaceous Earth is a common inoculation powder used to propagate seeds or cuttings to aid in the growing process.

There are several ways you can use the powder.
1. Coat your seeds before planting.
2. Put a pinch of powder in the hole you are going to plant the seed.
3. Sprinkle around the seed when planted.
4. Mix with water and pour on your seed when planted.
5. Dip the end of a cutting in the powder to propagate from a plant cutting.

Seeds can be stored in the powder to keep insects away.
This is a course grade powder to make it easy to pack and post.
To turn it into a finer grade just roll the packet with a rolling pin or put the powder in a plastic zip lock bag and roll with a rolling pin
Be careful not to inhale the fine powder.

For detailed info on Diatomaceous Earth go to this link What is Diatomaceous Earth?