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Arctium lappa
BURDOCK-TAKINOGAWA LONG (GOBO) is native to Europe & Asia & is a very popular root vegetable in Japan. This is a special, late-variety burdock, rich in flavor. The taproot can be as long as 1 meter & the outer skin is very thin, similar to carrots. In the UK, Burdock is known as an ingredient in the drink Dandelion and Burdock, the English equivalent of American root beer. Easily grown from seed, it prefers a deep & sandy garden soil in partial shade or full sun. Very young roots can be eaten raw, but older roots are usually cooked. Young leaves & stalks are eaten raw or cooked & the seeds can be sprouted like bean sprouts. (nothing goes to waste with this plant) It also has a history of being used as a medicinal herb. Medicinal: Powerful blood purifier, detoxicant, for skin disorders, traditionally for kidney stones.


Germination Time (Days) 10 – 20
Maturity Time (Days) 120 – 140
Sowing Depth (mm) 15
Plant Spacing (cm) 60
Row Spacing (cm) 60
pH 4 – 7
Soil Temperature (°C)
Hardy / Frost Tender Hardy
Sow Direct / Raise Seedlings Sow Direct
Seed Preparation
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