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Capsicum Chinense
CHILLI-SCOTCH BONNET-JAMAICAN YELLOW fruits ripen from green to yellow. Fruit size 4.5cm long by 3.8cm, plant height 1.2m. A compact type of chili plant that grows beautiful (and hot!) thin-skinned squash shaped golden colored pods.

The densely foliaged chilli plant bears many chilli peppers that have a mainly refreshing taste once you get past the rather intense heat. This is a really hardy variety of chilli that can withstand a range of conditions, although consistent frosts and/or boggy conditions will kill it. Heat level 8 – 10.

Scoville Heat Units (SHU)100,000 - 350,000
Plant Height (cm)45 - 60
pH6 - 7
Soil Temperature (°C)17 - 27
Seed Preparationsome compost added to the soil for fertility, and dolomite or crushed egg shells to help fend off blossom end rot
Sowing Depth (mm)5mm
Plant Spacing (cm)45 - 60
Row spacing (cm)90 - 110
Wateringregular, keep moist not wet
Germination Time (Days)7 - 21
Harvest Time (Days)90 - 150
Good Companion Plantscarrots, cucumber, squash, members of the Allum family, Basil, Dill, Fennel
Diseasesblossom end rot
Temperature Range (°C)18 - 30
Annual / Perennial / BiennialPerenial/Annual
Frost Hardy / TenderTender
Full Sun / Part Sun / ShadeFull sun
Sow Direct / Raise SeedlingsEither
SoilSandy Loam, Rich in nutrients.
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