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Capsicum annuum
CHILLI-ANAHEIM originating in Mexico and established in America (Anaheim) in 1894 by Emilio Ortega.  Also called California Red, Hatch, Chile Colorado, Magdalena, & New Mexico peppers depending on the stage they are picked.  Thick outer skin makes them great for roasting, stuffing, grilling, eating raw, drying, and grinding to a powder.  They have a mild peppery flavour, SHU from 500 to 2,500, long and slender appearance (roughly 20cm), will change from green to red as they mature.

The dried green chilli is called (just to confuse you) Verde del Norte, Chile de la tierra, or seco del Norte and when the red chilli is dried it is called California red or Colorado pepper.

They are hottest when red but vary in heat depending on where and how they are grown.  High in vitamin A, C, B6 and K to boost your immune system.

Ideally start indoors and plant out when the temperature and soil has warmed up enough, usually after a last frost if you live in that kind of climate.

If your soil is poor or too clayey then add sand or mature compost to improve your changes of success.   They require water but don’t over water so make sure your soil drains nicely. Relatively easy to grow and maintain.  Prick fruit regularly to increase yields.


pH7 - 8.5
Frost Hardy / TenderHardy
Annual / Perennial / BiennialPerennial / Annual
Sowing Depth (mm)5
Plant Spacing (cm)50
WateringDon't overwater
Germination Time (Days)10 to 21