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Apium graveolens
CELERY-CHINESE (KINTSAI) is smaller & more delicate than the celery we are used to. The long stems are thin, hollow & crispy. Grows best in a cooler climate, 15-24c. Plants may need shade if grown in a warmer season. The leaves are typically jagged on the edges. Central to many Asian soups or stews. It is one of the most commonly grown vegetables in China. The entire plant is used, either fresh or dried. Add leaves & stalks to flavor vegetable or meat soups, or use them in a stir-fry. In China, celery is sometimes served as a dish by itself, stir-fried with a little soy sauce & sugar. The leaves can be used to add a wonderful crunch & flavor to salads or as an alternative to watercress as a garnish. Sow in spring & autumn.

Surface sow onto moist, well-drained seed compost. Light is needed for germination. Ideal temp. 10-15°C. Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle, after danger of frost has passed.


Germination Time (Days) 15 – 25
Maturity Time (Days) 120 – 140
Sowing Depth (mm) 4
Plant Spacing (cm) 15 – 30
Row Spacing (cm) 30 – 55
pH 6 – 7.5
Soil Temperature (°C) 10 – 15
Hardy / Frost Tender Hardy
Sow Direct / Raise Seedlings Raise Seedlings
Seed Preparation